Why do I need a website management and monitoring service?

Keeping your website consistently up-to-date with fresh and new content on a regular basis is the magic formula for online success. Who has time for that? Well, we do. It is for this reason why your business (small or large) need a website management and maintenance team like WebsiteCenter.com. As a full-service one-stop-shop website design company, you won't need to go anywhere else.

WebsiteCenter.com Team

Our team of website professionals (web designers, developers, graphic artists and programmers) can get your website back on track and running smoothly in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months, regardless of your website platform or format!

We guarantee all minor and moderate updates and modifications to be done within 24-hours, including week-ends, with most minor updates done within 4-hours or less. Any work request over 5-hours will be provided with an hourly quote or estimate and upon approval, the work begins. With our Website Management, Monitoring and Marketing service, no more hiring and firing, no payroll, tax deduction calculations, training and security issues to handle - WebsiteCenter.com will take care of all those responsibilities, including local storage of your backup.

If you have an existing website in HTML or Wordpress or whatever platform, that is in need of repair, updates or upgrades and/or major content modifications, regularly or occassionally, then WebsiteCenter.com's Website Management, Monitoring and Marketing Service is the ideal solution to your problem. A long term solution.

By-The-Hour: No contract required. Simply purchase the minimum set of blocked-hours and we can begin work on your website. If you regularly update your website but need help with the technical stuff, hourly is the ideal approach for you. We execute the technical items and charge you only for the time it took to complete the task. In all fairness, the clock is billable in 15-minute increments and there is no one-hour minimum. If you purchase your blocks of hours online, you get an extra hour FREE for every 5-hours purchased! That's a $85.00 USD savings.

Annual Contract: Don't take any chances with your website. Leave the technical work to the web professionals and start taking care of business clients, personally. What can take you days to fix your website, and hopefully, you did it rihgt, can take us about 8-hours per month. We can guarantee that it is based on known best practices. We've laid out all of the benefits above. This is the best website management and monitoring service in the market.

Website Management & Maintenance


When our clients call or email us for support, it is usually because their website is already down or broken. This is what we call a REACTIVE approach to website management and typically handled by-the-hour basis. Unfortunately, in most cases, these website problems or downtime could have been easily avoided if monitored on a regular basis. Now, let's take a look at the PROACTIVE approach to managing, monitoring and marketing your website. Websites is a lot like your car, if properly maintained, it can run forever. Neglect it, then its bound to break down, probably sooner rather later.

Website Management
Management: One dedicated webmaster, along with his team of website professionals, will be assigned to your business account and website for monitoring, marketing and management. From that day forward, simply submit your website changes and request (via telephone, fax, email, in person or snail mail) and we will jump into action to get it done - and to your satisfaction. If you ever had a design and marketing idea that you wanted to try out, now is your chance. Consultation is free, use it. If your idea is feasible, we can make it happen. WebsiteCenter.com is your in-house webmaster.
Website Monitoring
Monitoring: In today's ever changing and hostile online environment, the frequency of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla updates are on the rise. If, for example, your website is based on WordPress platform, on average, at least three or more WordPress plugins would be in use, with each plugin built by independent WordPress developers. Therefore, with every WordPress version update, each plugin developer then must issue its updated version of their plugins in order to conform to the new WordPress version. This is what needs monitoring on a regular basis to make sure all are updated the minute they are available.
Website Marketing
Marketing: You've worked hard writing and posting that blog article to your website. You spent a lot of time selecting the right photo to compliment the article. Now that you've published that article, you would want to make sure that the web page is optimized for search engines. This includes improving its load time, embedding relevant and related keywords, and submitting to search engines for immediate inclusion to its search results. So everytime you publish or update your website, simply notify us of the same and we will make sure that your newly published content meets search engine guidelines.

We cannot guarantee organic ranking on search results - only Google and other search engines can do that. What we do guarantee is that your HTML website will be conformance with Internet and search engine standards and guidelines. Websites that conform to Internet standards and search engine guidelines, with true and original content, will naturally rank high organically on its focused keyword phrases.

Here's how you fully utilize our Website Management, Maintenance and Monitoring Service that will provide tremendous benefits to your website performance:

PPC Monitoring

As an approved Google Partner and Microsoft Business Solutions Provider, we can monitor and update your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign with confidence that your getting the best PPC results for every marketing dollar spent. Let us apply PPC's best practices to work for you.


Optimize each web page throughout the site, including media uploads. Review and reorganized embedded keywords, title tags, meta description and alt tags. Resumit optimized pages to search engines. Update sitemap.xml, including the htaccess and robots.txt files.

Version & Plugin Updates

Update and upgrade to the latest Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. are performed immediately upon release of the latest version. By maintaining your website's platform version and its plugins up-to-date will greatly improve your website performance, security and organic ranking.

Online & Manual Backup

Never get caught without a proper backup. We will conduct online and manual backup of your website on a regular basis and store it locally within our network as part of this maintenance service. Local storage is free of charge. We also conduct local backup everytime we perform updates.

Website Monitoring

Review, update and monitor all webmaster tools, disavow bad backlinks, review blocked IPs and list of blocked domain names, utilize the Google fetch URLs, directory and map listings, including scanning for website malware and network blacklist. If you're not doing this, you should.

Custom Work

Use these hours towards any work you would like done on your website. Not all custom work take long to implement; some are quick, simple and easy to do. With WordPress, there's a plugin for just about everything and most are free. Let's make your website the best it can be.


Service Advantage

Pay as you go. There's no contract. Simply buy the block of hours then advise us of the technical work that you don't want or can't do like WordPress plugin updates and upgrades, custom design layout or custom website feature.

4-24 Hour Turnaround

Most website design work, updates or upgrades are usually done within four (4) hours or less. Any work requests that will take more than four hours will be provided with a quote and formal approval prior to commencing the work.

Free Consultation

As a website management client, you are entitled to free consultations and brainstorming ideas. Call us to get real answers to your technical questions. Our goal is to educate - to be creative.

What people say?

WebsiteCenter.com has been providing website management and maintenance on our website for over 10 years now. We have relied on WebsiteCenter.com for all of their website design services - web design, management and marketing. They even provided training to my staff on how to do the most common tasks but when it comes to technical help, they have always been there for me. Thank you!

Jim B., Driving Academy

What people say?

I built my own website in Wordpress but got stuck on the technical stuff. I needed help learning how to get the final details. I purchased WebsiteCenter.com's website management service and sat with a professional designer who finished my website while I watched and learned how to do it properly. I got my website finished and learned new ways to manage my website. Fantastic!

Lee S., Musician

What people say?

We don't know anything about website design which is why we depend on WebsiteCenter.com's website management and maintenance service for all of our website design needs. We simply email, fax or call our website changes and it usually gets done within four hours or less. They're fast and quite accurate. We're very happy with their work and turnaround time. We truly appreciate their website management service!

R. Williamson, Melbourne, Australia


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