Website Design & Marketing Guarantee or Your Money Back

We are confident in our website design and marketing services that if you don't get any measurable results from your website within 12 consecutive months, we will refund ALL of your website design cost, no questions asked. Approved measurable results is considered in the form of online sales, online inquiry, email inquiry, phone calls and foot traffic due to website presence.

Requirements: Purchase of Website Design, Digital Marketing (SEO and SEM) and Web Hosting services must be through WebsiteCenter.com, no exceptions. With these web services under WebsiteCenter.com, we will be able to implement proper tracking, monitoring and marketing of the website and performance. Any and all evidence of an approved measurable result will be received by all parties. Client will have the option to cease and desist any and all tracking and monitoring of the website once an approved measurable result has been met. Once this requirement has been met, the Guarantee will become null and void immediately.

Approved Measurable Results: - online sales, online inquiry, email inquiry, phone inquiry, purchased subscription, membership and even foot traffic due to website presence are all considered approved measurable results.

Money Back Guarantee: If you do not receive any of the Approved Measurable Results within 12 consecutive months from the date of your website launch or marketing anniversary, WebsiteCenter.com will refund your website design cost, no questions asked. Any and all refund will not include web hosting fees, digital marketing cost and/or management and maintenance cost, if any.

Effective Date: This Guarantee is effective and applicable to clients that signed up on or after November 28, 2018. Any and all website projects prior to this date are not eligible for this Guarantee. Only clients who signed up for website design and digital marketing services after this date are eligible with this Guarantee. This Guarantee is effective only in accordance with the terms and conditions setforth herewith.

Expiration Date: This Guarantee will expire 12-months from the date of your website launch or activation of your website marketing account whichever is the latest.

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