Advanced Ecommerce Website Package

Custom shopping cart ordering system ideal for products with multiple options, add-ons and custom volume pricing.


With our Standard Ecommerce Website Package, your product options are limited mainly to sizes and colors but with our Advanced Ecommerce Website Package, we can include product pricing options like length, width, height, by piece or by the case, box, pallet, upgrade or downgrade, upsell, bundled, packaged, add-ons and multiple-choice, just to name a few. This package also includes products that you can custom build-to-order or made-to-order, like electronics (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones), furniture, bundled services, sports products, and more. (Some restrictions do apply. For example: custom order to build a car would not be included in this package.) The custom online product ordering process is our focus in creating the Advanced Ecommerce Website Package since many products these days require more than just add-to-cart then checkout. In summary, we can build your current ordering form (in print) to a secured online ordering form as part of this Advanced Ecommerce Website Package. This ecommerce package is ideal for manufacturers, electronic stores, funeral and cremation business, wholesale, import/export, transportation and service industry.


Custom Product Ordering

Included is a custom shopping cart product ordering system and checkout process. Purchase an airline ticket online or computer online and you would have gone through a custom product ordering process that would have been intuitive and easy to use. We make those hard-to-buy products easy-to-buy online 24/7 of every day of every year.

Payment Gateway - Amazon Pay

Included with this ecommerce website package are integration of Authorize.net, PayPal and Amazon Pay payment gateways. These are the most reliable form of payments online. With Amazon Pay, you're online store is instantly a trusted merchant among the millions of Amazon customers...and Paypal, Visa, MC, American Express & Discover.

Affiliate Plugin

As you get happy clients referring you business on a regular basis, why not give them an incentive to do more by paying them via your own affiliate program. They can join and cretae their account and start marketing your business immediately. Set the reward system based on per transactions, percentage or fixed amount, with lots of options.

Custom Product Ordering Process

Multiple Options

Aside from size and color, create options for weight, height, width, linear foot, or with upgrades, downgrade, extensions, trial, basically anyway your product is sold to a buyer.

Multiple Product Groups

Best Selling, Also Bought, Recent Products, Top Ranked, Customer Ratings, Sale Items, Liquidation, product groups that can automatically display on the home page.

Image Gallery

Having a great image product display increases conversion rates. Plenty of product photos gets customers excited about your products and can give the emotional push they need to make a buying decision.

Digital Products

You already know you can tangible products. We want to remind you that you can also sell digital products. Digital products are often more profitable and easier to manage than their counterpart.

Amazon Pay Payment Gateway

Build Customer Loyalty

Millions of Amazon customers can login and pay on your website with their stored account information on Amazon.com. Amazon wants you to leverage the Amazon brand to grow your business.

Increase Sales

By letting your customers use Login and Pay with Amazon, you’re enabling them to check out with an account they already know and trust. Turn casual browsers into buyers that trust your website.

Mobile Friendly

No more remembering usernames and passwords. No more entering credit card numbers or shipping addresses. It’s simple, just a few taps from any device and your customer seamlessly completes their purchase.

Reduced Business Cost

Fraud detection and chargeback controls are expensive. “Orders placed through Amazon Payments have zero bad debt,” says Bryce McDonnell, Director of Technology at Clymb.

Affiliate Plugin

Real Time Reporting

Your affiliate's traffic and sales are recorded and ready for display as soon as they happen. Simply login to your affiliate admin control panel and review your affiliate report.

Unlimited Affiliates

No matter if you have 1 or 1,000 affiliates, you can track them all, monitor their activies and reward them for their sales. Connect with your top affiliates and find out what they're doing.

Multi Reward System

You decide how you want to reward your affiliates. You can choose to pay your affiliates a flat rate per order, or choose to pay them a percentage of every order they initiate.

Creative Ads

You can add as many banners or text link ads as you wish. Plus, you can easily activate or deactivate creatives as needed. Create and rotate text or banner ads promoting the latest sale.


This ecommerce website is custom built by professional web developers, graphic designers, programmers and online marketing specialists. This is professional grade ecommerce website design solution that you own, control and access.

The items on the Standard Ecommerce Package are not in addition to this Advanced Ecommerce Package but rather in place of or substituted with similar items.


This is a limited time offer that will soon end. Our prices will revert back to its original price which is thousands of dollars more. Own your own advanced ecommerce business that is built to scale, robust and in conformance with Internet standards for cross-platform compatibility. This is a complete ecommerce website package that is customized speficially to your business and product ordering process. A website that you own 100% and have full control and access. This special pricing is only available for purchase online. Don't wait. Act now. Buy it today!
$4995.00 USD

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Below are three complete standalone ecommerce website packages that is sure to fit your business model. A standalone website can run and operate anywhere and display on any device and browser. You can copy, move, modify, replicate and customize a standalone website any way you like. So get creative, innovate and start selling online. If you have questions or comments, give us a call at (702) 784-0017 or visit our local Las Vegas, Nevada office.
Standard ECommerce Website
  • Think: Clothing/Shoe Store
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Domain Name / 1-Year
  • Optional Web Hosting
  • Merchant Account
  • Authorize.net & PayPal
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Pre-Install 50 Products
  • Capacity: Unlimited Categories
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • 2-3 Hour Training
  • VALUE: $15,000
  • More...
per month - Web Hosting
Advanced Ecommerce Website
  • Think: Computer Store
  • Includes All of Standard
  • Full Featured Shopping Cart
  • Custom Product Order
  • WP Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate MyAccount Page
  • Amazon Pay
  • Authorize.net & PayPal
  • Pre-Install 65 Products
  • Capacity: Unlimited Products
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Links
  • Email Marketing Account
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Training: 3-4 Hours
  • VALUE: $20,000
per month - Web Hosting
Ultimate Ecommerce Website
  • Think: Department Store
  • All of Advanced
  • Product Bulk Upload
  • Preinstall 2,000 Products
  • Membership Program
  • Member Area Page
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Visa, MC, Amex & Discover
  • Paypal & Amazon Pay
  • Full Featured Shopping Cart
  • Tax, Shipping & Handling
  • Security SSL Certificate
  • Video and Audio Integration
  • Contact and Lead Forms
  • Blog Features
  • VALUE: $30,000
  • More
Introductory Price
per month - Web Hosting

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