A merchant account allows you to process credit cards as a form of payment. We offer credit card processing for personal or business use without the high startup cost and excessive processing fees. As an approved Independent Sales Office (ISO) Agent for iPayment and FirstData means that we can provide you the lowest possible rates ever offered. We strive to offer rates and fees that are tailored to the needs of each particular type of merchant. Instead of rushing into rates that may never actually apply, our sales representatives take the time to find out about our clients in order to attain a complete understanding of their business. A personalized approach is the main reasons why Top Ten Reviews by Creditcardprocessing.net and Top Credit Card Processors rank our providers as the number one merchant services provider in the United States. Call us or download our online application form today and receive a free no obligation quote today.

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FREE Merchant Account Set-Up
Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express
One (1) FREE EMV Compliant Credit Card Processing Terminal
One (1) FREE Credit Card Reader for Mobile Phones
Online Virtual Terminal
One Authorize.Net Online Payment Gateway Set-Up
FREE American Express® Set-Up - may require separate approval.
Secured Payment Gateway for Real-Time Processing
Month to Month Agreement
One Rate For Visa®, MasterCard® & Discover® Network
Second Day Account Funding
Apple Pay Compatible
No Set Up or Cancellation Fee
No Paperwork
Fraud Prevention
Accept Payments Anywhere
24/7 Technical & Customer Support
Dedicated Account Representative


EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) is the new technical standard for smart payment cards and payment terminals which store data on integrated circuits rather than magnetic stripes all in the name of fraud prevention. Although many EMV credit and debit cards will still have magnetic stripes for purposes of backward compatibility, merchants who have not converted their existing or outdated credit card processing terminals could end up being liable for any fraudulent transactions that happens on their terminals. If a merchant is EMV ready and the cardholder is still using a non-EMV credit or debit card and fraudulent transaction occurs, the liability will land on the card holder. In the past, banks and credit card issuer usually covers this but no longer after this year (2015). This liability shift is set to take effect on October 1, 2015.

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You have an online business and website - now you want to convert your website into an ecommerce website so you can sell tangible or digital products online and collect payments at the same time. What you will need is a Merchant Account Online Payment Gateway - a payment gateway for short. A payment gateway is primarily used for ecommerce websites. It works directly with your website shopping cart program and SSL Security Certificate to deliver a seamless and secured credit card payment system that will work seamlessly with most websites.

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You have a clothing boutique, hair salon, restaurant or a law firm - you need to process credit cards for payment - you're considered a STOREFRONT MERCHANT. The latest digital credit card terminal is ideal for your business. Simply swipe your customers card on the terminal, follow the prompts and the money is in transit and in your account within 24-48 hours in the most secured manner. STANDALONE MERCHANT is a person on the go - on trade shows, expos, customers place of business, meeting customers at coffee shops, or if you're an owner of a swap meet stand - a smartphone credit card reader is all you need to process credit cards on the fly, anywhere, anytime. Get started by downloading our online application form and get an approval within 24-48 hours on approved credit.

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Download the merchant account application form (in PDF format) which you can fill-out directly onto the PDF Form. When done, at the top right corner of the PDF Form is a button titled "SHARE" - click on this button and from there you can either print the document or attach it to an email. Send the merchant account application form to support@websitecenter.com and we will begin the process of getting you approved as a merchant.

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Why Choose WebsiteCenter.com?


Approved Independent Sales Office (ISO) for two of the most prominent merchant account provider in the industry - FirstData and iPayment - since 1999. We became ISO Agents in order to pass the savings to our customers who are mostly new to being a merchant - storefront or online. If we make a little, so be it.


We're an approved Authorize.net Agent which means that we can work directly with Authorize.net to get you the lowest possible rates and the best of support and services to your heart's content. Authorize.net is the best online payment gateway provider in the world. Nothing compares to Authorize.net when it comes to payment gateways.

We're Trustworthy

We've been in business for over 17 years. Fifteen of those years as a merchant account provider. We stay in business because we really do care about your business and its success in the industry. You will not find a more honest and hardworking people on your team that you can trust with your life - your business.

Keeping it Simple

I've heard it a billion times and more that simple is always best. We agree. We make the merchant account setup process as simple and as stress free as can be. We know how this works so you can be rest assured that all are being taken care of in your best interest. We would not have it any other way.

We’re Dedicated

We take great care in everything we do which is why everything we do is for a reason, to benefit you, our client. We do not oversell to make extra profit. Our recommendations are honest and always to the best of your interest. We promise to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Free Support

We have an open door policy. No appointment necessary, however preferred. Simply call, email, fax or visit our office for whatever reason and we will provide the support you need to get your merchant account processing back on track and working properly and securely. No mess. No fuss.

What people say?

I remember when banks controlled all of the merchant accounts. Hardly anyone could get approved. Today, anyone can be a merchant. I have several. WebsiteCenter.com organized and set it all up for me. I love it!

Jocelyn B. - Store Owner

What people say?

I can process credit cards wherever I go. It really expanded and simplified our billing system yet provided flexibility and simplicity to my business payment process. Now, when I visit my client, they can pay me on the spot. No more billing and waiting.

Rochelle R. - Personal Fitness Instructor

What people say?

WebsiteCenter.com Merchant Account Services setup my storefront, my smartphone and training on all of my merchant account solutions. The best part is that we're saving money every month with their very competitive rates - without all the weird fees.

Dan M., Henderson, NV


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