An accessible website means that your website is fully accessible and viewable by EVERYONE, including people with disabilities who uses various devices to browse and surf the Internet. Assistive Technology Devices increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities, so it is important to keep these devices in mind when laying out your web content. In order for these devices to view and read your website content, your website will need to meet the Web Content Accessible Guideline (WCAG) version 2.0 standards.

Fixing your current website to be accessible and in compliance with WCAG 2.0 is not always the best route. It might be to just start over and migrate your website content onto web pages that is already fully accessible and in conformance with the WCAG 2.0 standards and guidelines. It's a better approach in the long run. You know what you have from top to bottom. We can audit your current website and determine which route is best for your business. Please click on Accessibility Pricing for accessibility website packages.

Web Services

Keep your web presentation honest, simple and straightforward.

Eric Tan, Webmaster
We can build simple informational websites to complex membership driven ecommerce websites that will knock your competition out cold! We can get as creative as you like or keep it minimalist or crazy out-of-bounds. It's your call and it all depends on your objective. We can build it the way you believe it to be the right way, if that's what you want. We can also build something new - one that you probably have not thought of. With your approval, of course. We will use your business insight to guide us in developing the perfect website presentation that is ideal to your customer. That is our number one goal.
Once an estimate has been approve, a website design agreement is signed. You will then select from several provided web design layout. Next, we integrate your content and media to the approved layout then provide a live draft. Thereafter, we integrate your final comments, updates and modifications to the website, go through the review process, then launch. We then provide you full and complete access to download your new website - and add as many relevant content and make any modifications to it as you like. If you need help, we're here.

In order to generate branding, you need to become a household name. That's when you graduate to being a brand.

Eric Tan, Online Marketing Specialist
The first step to online marketing is to make sure that you have a search engine friendly website. That means, the web pages are in compliance with Internet Standard e.g. HTML structured web pages, relevant web content with proper embedded meta tags. This is commonly referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the true definition of search engine friendly website. The next step is to prepare your product offering e.g. online specials and discount coupons. Promote it to the general public or to your target market using pay-per-click campaigns as provided by Google, Facebook, Microsoft (MSN), Yelp, etc. We set everything up, then we review and monitor the results. This is commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Training on each of the marketing control panels are available. This will help you make the necessary adjustments on the campaign settings.

Buy more traffic or buy less. It's that simple. Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. will display our ad to our target market. You will have full control as to how much business you want by how much traffic you get. Increase the traffic, the more business you will most likely get. It's that simple. We are guaranteed filtered traffic volume by Google and all the other major online companies. We can show our ad again and again, if necessary.

Please note that the SEO and SEM process is somewhat gradual and can't be rushed. We almost have to do it in some proper order to make the most of the benefits. If you do it too fast, the effect is not as ideal. Once SEO and SEM are complete, again, we will provide you training on all logins and access. That is where you can feel free to get creative. If you have questions, we're always here.

Website updates and upgrades is just part of the job...you can't run away from. Just face it and do it good and fast.

Eric Tan, Webmaster
WordPress Updates and Upgrades can be a burden especially when they happen so often. Updates and upgrades is a necessity in order to keep your website running at optimum performance in a secured manner. If you neglect your updates and upgrades, you're only asking for trouble down the road. With WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as your website platform, it's guarateed that from time-to-time, you will need to conduct updates and upgrades to your theme, plugins, and/or addons. These will be made available to you within your control panel. Security updates are installed automatically. Platform updates are optional which you can install at your leisure. Each and every time your platform is updated, all the associated plugins and addons will also need to be updated. The best way to handle this is to wait for all the updates to kick in - then backup your website - then hit all the updates. If the website breaks, you can restore it using your backup. From thereon, you'll need to install each updates one by one until we figure out which plugin is breaking the site.

HTML Upgrades and Updates hardly ever occurs that's because HTML standards take long to be approved and it takes even longer for an HTML code to be truncated from the program. Even if it becomes truncated, most browsers and devices are all backward compatible anyway. This is why HTML websites cost a lot less, in the long run, to maintain and update. Granted, you will have learn HTML in order to update your website but we will be here to help you with that - every step of the way.

Our website management service can provide and handle all of your updates and upgrades your website will ever need. We can make sure to stay on top of all the requirements so you can stay focus on your business - taking care of your clients. Our website management service is billed by-the-hour or by annual-contract. With our website management service, you only pay when you use us.

Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Services - all available now at WebsiteCenter.net.

Register your domain name, create a web hosting account or a VPS, and get install access to your cPanel and FTP logins instantaneously, so you can get going on your website and online business as fast as time permits. With cPanel access, you can start creating email accounts, forwarders, databases, and even upload your web pages. There's technical knowledgebase and support ticket system available if you need any assistance.
This is the automated portion of our website where you can create your web hosting account and manage it from day one. What are you waiting for?

How to start your business - online or offline - the right way is where I can help the most.

Eric Tan, Business Consultant
What is the first step in starting a business whether it is online or not? What licenses do I need? What about a website, product manufacturing, employees and taxes? All can be very confusing. That is why you need a business consultant to make sure that it is all done properly - in the right manner.
I can help you build your business every step of the way - at the least amount of cost and risk. We can strategized on how make your business grow without losing control and ownership. That's just the beginning.


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